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Steps of Cataract Surgery

إقرأ هذه الصفحة عن خطوات عملية المياه البياء باللغة العربية

After making very tiny incisions (one of them is less than 1mm, the other barely over 2mm), the following steps are done:

incision for phaco cataract surgery

A specially designed probe of the phaco system is introduced through the tiny incision made to emulsify the opaque lens (or cataract) by its ultrasonic waves

phaco cataract surgery diagram, emulsifying the cataract

The emulsified lens matter is then aspirated by yet another probe of the phaco system.


A tiny flexible lens, adjusted for the power of your eye, is then injected, while folded, by Dr Khalil into your eye. When it enters its place inside your eye, it automotically unfolds, and lies steady in its place.


The new crystal clear lens lies stable in place of the removed opaque lens or cataract.

An eye with a cataract and another eye after cataract surgery

The appearance of the eye looks very usual again after removal of the opaque cataract


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