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Diagnosis of keratoconus

إقرأ عن وسائل تشخيص القرنية المخروطية باللقة العربية

Gross cases of keratoconus can be seen even by the naked eye. Moderate cases can usually detected by a specially designed microscope at eye doctors' offices, called the slit lamp. Retinoscopes and keratometers are used to measure eyes for glasses and contact lenses: in keratoconus they show abnormal readings. The cornea topographer is the most important diagnostic device: it makes a map of the cornea surface and accurately measures the keratoconic protrusion. Dr Khalil uses the Pentacam system, which is one of the most advanced systems in this regard today.


One of the commonest ways nowadays Dr Khalil can diagnose early keratoconus is people coming to seek laser vision correction. An important test to be done before making final decsion is this corneal topography using the modern Pentacam System..

In the rare occasions early keratoconus is detected, laser vision correction is aborted, and necessary management for keratoconus is carried out.

This has helped largely in the early treatment of keratoconus cases, preventing their further deterioration

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