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In the early and mild stages of keratoconus, eyesight can remain sometimes clear and does not require special correction. When visual symptoms appear, spectacles can be a decent easily applicable option in some cases. When the cornea becomes weaker and more irregular,

Mild to moderate keratoconus is best corrected with rigid gas permeable contact lenses. These rigid transparent contact lenses provide a smooth surface in front of the cornea, offering a high quality vision, not possible with another method. Because the lens is rigid, the tears between the lens and the cornea form a ‘liquid lens,’ which smoothes the irregularities of the cornea and makes clear vision possible again. Soft lenses wrap onto the cornea and take up its shape much more closely than rigid lenses, are less successful at correcting keratoconus. Soft lenses can be used for mild keratoconus when performing sports, especially contact sports. But they offer limited improvement in vision in more advanced keratoconus.

Soft lenses can be used for mild keratoconus and sports, especially contact sports. But they offer limited improvement in vision in more advanced keratoconus.

Rose-K RGP Contact Lenses

Rose-K RGP contact lenses are developed to provide custom fitting to individual keratoconus eyes. They are named for its creator, Paul Rose, a New Zealand optometrist. He recognized that there was a need for contact lenses that could better conform to the shape of the cornea.

Dr Khalil performs custom fitting for RGP contact lenses for an individual's eyes with assistance from a "color map" that depicts the topography of the cornea. This helps, with experience, to choose the best lens to fit.

What makes the Rose-K lens so effective at correcting vision when there are irregularities of the cornea present? The lens fits perfectly over irregularly-shaped eyes, providing the patient with a clear vision. Rose-K lenses can be customized to fit any eye and can, therefore, correct any astigmatism and refractive error caused by keratoconus. The design is also highly breathable, helping keep the eye healthy while adjusting vision and providing all-day comfort. Also, these lenses are incredibly easy to insert, wear, remove, and maintain.

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About Keratoconus and Ectasia

What is the best treatment for keratoconus?
Contrary to many common eye conditions, keratoconus and ectasia do not have a single preferable solution. There are many new modalities for treatment, and for each case there is one or more specific treatment which is most useful for this particular case. Sometimes, it is collagen cross linking, other times it is ring implantaion and other times lens implantation or contact lens, and frequently a combination of one or more of these done one after another
Do all cases with keratoconus need treatment?
No, in many instances, keratoconus can only be a mild disease which does not affect the eyesight much, and if these cases are stable, then no special treatment is required
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