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LASIK Testimonials

Ms Ueno from Japan, had a LASIK operation done by Dr Ahmed Khalil Keiko Ueno, Japan
Ms Narges from Cairo and her LASIK operation by Dr Khalil Narges Gad, Cairo
Cedric Mouroux, France M Mouroux from France had his successful lasik operation done by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo. LASIK corrected his high astigmatism

Mon nom est Cedric Mouroux, je suis français et après quelques recherches sur internet j’ai trouve le site du Dr Khalil pour l’opération au lasik des yeux. J’ai 33 ans et aussi loin que je me rappelle, j’ai toujours porte des lunettes. J’ai aussi porte des lentilles de contact qui étaient un peu plus pratique mais pas encore la meilleure solution. J’étais myope mais j’avais surtout un très fort astigmatisme (-5.75 et -5.25) donc je n’étais pas sur d’être un candidat idéal pour le lasik. Il y a 4 ans j’avais fait une pre-visite aux Etats-Unis pour.... .. en Francais

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LASIK in Cairo, Egypt Dalia Mostafa, Cairo

LASIK was successfully done to correct short sightedness which Ms Minna Walace (UK) had in her eyes Minna Wallace, UK

My eyes are fantastic... there have been no problems at all. I absolutely love it they feel great. Thank you again

Sara Arram, Solution Developer, Cairo vision correction by LASIK for Sara in Cairo, Egypt

I want to thank you for being God's hand in giving me back my sight, such a bless that is worth a fortune. I can’t find words to express my gratitude and gratefulness. The procedure was a piece of cake, it was a painless journey that I feared so much until I was only comforted by your confident and calm voice explaining every step and making it so much easier. Your care about details is exceptional. It shows in your neat look, calm voice, clinic, and in your examination that can only be compared to international standards.

Thank you for making this real.

Mrs Drew from England had her life changing LASIK done by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo Jan Drew, UK

I wish to convey my most sincere gratitude for the opportunity to have you perform the Lasik procedure for me. I could not have imagined any better care, patience and understanding, pre and post surgery, than that which I received from your team. I am thrilled with my eye sight and have noticed improvements daily. My friends here are amazed at my lasik story and I have found that I can see more clearly than they!!!

Aseel Rasul, Denmark

Assel had her lasik done in Cairo by Dr Ahmad KhalilMy name is Aseel Rasul, an Iraqi living in Denmark, I can not but give my deep gratitude and appreciation to the angel of mercy, who did my LASIK vision correction operation. I was scared as I had never had any operation before. The calm and clever Dr Ahmad Khalil has made me say good bye to the use of glasses and contact lenses and all their inconveniences. I highly recommend any body with eye or vision problems to visit the welcoming and smiling Dr Khalil. He mainly cared about the health of my eyes before anything else. I pray for God to keep him for me and for all patients

Mona , Sudan

Mona from Sudan, had her LASIK done by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo as a honeymoon present from her husband

Mona from Sudan, had her LASIK done by Dr Ahmad Khalil in Cairo as a honeymoon present from her husband

Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Egypt مهنس محمد عبدالرحمن أجرى عملية ليزك بنجاح رائع

For 21 years, I suffered from havingto continuously wear my glasses, as I could not perform well without them. Now, I thank God that I could have the LASIK operation by the hands of one of the most eminent professors in the world, the clever Dr Ahmad Khalil. I sincerely thank God then Dr Khalil for his unsurpassed care of all his patients, and his thorough explannation on operation steps.

I can now enjoy my life and do my activities normally..

Saira, Pakistan

It is surely an apprehensive feeling when one decides for LASIK. I went through the same lately but after meeting Dr. Ahmed Khalil I knew I was in safe hands. My surgery was performed last week and today I sit infront of my laptop thanking Allah and Dr. Khalil for giving me such clear vision. The procedure was short and painless but the recovery is fast and amazing. Anyone out there thinking for LASIK should not think twice for choosing Dr. Ahmed Khalil, as eyes are a vital organ and deserve only the best. Thanks again and May Allah bless you. You are not only a great doctor but a great human being too J

Dr Mohamed Wahba, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Consultant of Anesthesia, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Nesreen Abdel-Hady, Cairo

Asma Smaila, Nigeria

For my birthday,August 2010 i wanted perfect vision,little did i know my dream would come true.   Laser eye surgery works like a charm! Its the best decision i ever made and the best birthday gift ever! I can see clearly now, it seems like a whole new world. I was scared and wary at first but the minute i met Dr. Khalil, all my fears were gone with the wind. From the receptionist, Fatima to  Mr.Aiman,such great staff made me feel at home. Just under 15mins,my life was transformed.

Its been 7months of clarity so far. Thank you so much for my new eyes. It still feels surreal

Henning Fiedler, Germany

It was not without apprehension that I went to the eye clinic early April 2008. I never had any operation so far in my life, and now I would do one voluntarily on one important awakening the next morning. It was like opening to the world with new eyes. What an overwhelming difference it was..

Read Full article written by Mr Fiedler
Venitia Tan, Singapore

Once again, I would like to thank you for doing this lasik operation. It is a marvel that I can open my eyes in the morning and see clearly straight away without looking for my glasses. Diving is easier without a fear of losing my contact lens which has happened to me before. I can take my mask off underwater and open my eyes without any worries. It has definitely changed my life and make everyday living much easier. I have been recommending this operation to my friends.....

Venetia Tan, Professional diver, Singapore

Angelika Nagatkova, Kazakhstan

I had Lasik treatment in April, 2010 in Dr. Ahmad Khalil clinic in Cairo to correct near sightedness in both eyes. I had limited time in Cairo before pre-booked flights and asked if it was possible to fit the surgery into my timetable. Dr. Khalil was accommodating to this request and the whole procedure (excluding follow-up) was completed within one day.

The results of the 15 minute surgery I started to feel just a few hours later. The morning after, I did experience some irritation and mild discomfort in my eyes, which is normal and didn’t last long. Twenty four hours after the Lasik operation Dr. Khalil examined my eyes and my vision was back to 100 per cent! It really means a lot to someone who seriously hated wearing glasses and who found contact lenses uncomfortable.

I was really impressed with the personal and caring approach, from my initial consultation, through the Lasik surgery, and afterwards during follow-up checks from Dr. Khalil. Based upon my own experience I would definitely recommend Dr. Khalil’s clinic to anyone who is considering LASIK treatment and is concerned about getting a high quality service and personal approach.

Angelika Nagatkova, Republic of Kazakhstan

David Howarth, UK

The procedure took about 15 minutes. There was no pain whatsoever. In fact the process was quite psychedelic and a bit like going into space and back again. For a few hours after the treatment, vision is blurred as the eyes readjust. But the benefits are soon realised with more improvements the following day.

Read Full story written by Mr Howarth
Mai-jeddah Abdulkadir, Abuja, Nigeria

..apart from some occassional itching, I am perfectly OK enjoying my new life. Its amazing how one's life can change overnight by just a simple procedure. I have stocked on all the designer sunglasses you can think of which i was not able to do before. My friends and colleagues have been bombarding me with questions ...

Supaporn Swadsee, Thailand

I would like to say thank you very very much to Dr. You are very professional . I saw many Dr. But I decided to make operation wz you cos you explain well made I feel comfortable and trust you. Now my eyes became wonderful

Omar Bawazeer, Makka, Saudia Arabia

Azza Badran, Cairo, Egypt

Crafts Designer, Maadi


Mikael Sandberg, Sweden

Engineer; Volvo Company

Saleh El-Baqqal, Yemen

John Taylor, UK
Mohamed Al-Shakhs, Saudia Arabia
Dr Yasser Baghdady, UK, Egypt

Manager, Al-Sahar Pharmaceutical Company, Egy

Anne Towle, Russia

, in a follow up visit to Dr Khalil CLinic, months after her successful LASIK vision correction

Marwa Ahmed, Maadi, Cairo
Angelika Nagatkova, Republic of Kazakhstan

an Australian smile, 1 minute after finishing LASIK in both eyes, 2 weeks later she wrote: I am still amazed at how well I can see now! My friends ....

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"I want to thank you for being God's hand in giving me back my sight, such a bless that is worth a fortune. I can’t find words to express my gratitude and gratefulness. The procedure was a piece of cake, it was a painless journey that I feared so much until I was only comforted by your confident and calm voice explaining every step and making it so much easier"

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