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إقرأ هذه الصفحة عن تصحيح الإبصار والليزك باللغة العربية

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Phakic Lens Implantation

Lens Exchange

Vision Correction in Cairo, Egypt, Dr Khalil Eye Clinic

...How do we see determines how we perceive the world around us,

As mankind has always longed for better vision, knowledge and technology has evolved over the past millennia, centuries and decades to achieve this goal. More and more so, today’s active lifestyle demands for visual performance that we can rely on, night and day, with freedom from glassed and contact lenses. Some professions simply can not go well with glasses or contact lenses...


Before the moderrn revolution of laser eye treatment, and lens implantation for vision correction, different types of refractive surgery have come and gone, but Dr Khalil consistently recommended against those procedures for most people. The current techniques of LASIK and implantation of special lenses procedure are different. Dr Khalil now recommends you consider Vision Correction if you have trouble with your glasses and contacts, or have a strong desire to see better without glasses.

lasik vision correction to get rid of glasses

The choice to undergo refractive laser eye surgery in order to get rid of your glasses is not an easy one.

precision lasik in Cairo, Egypt

Vision correction by both LASIK vision correction and Phakic lens implantation is not for everyone and you must meet certain guidelines to achieve their best outcome. When LASIK criteria are not met and it proves not to be the optimum option for your eye condition, implantation of specially designed lenses over the normally present lens (ICL and other kinds) become the best option,

Refractive lens exchange (RLE); which involves removing the natural lens and implanting an artificial lens with the correct power. This lens can sometimes be a multifocal lens, which allows good eyesight at both far and near distances with no need for glasses on either distance. Similiarly, toric lenses can be implanted in cases with higher degrees of astigmatism


Proper case selection is a must in all these modalities, and the correct opinion will be given to you by Dr Khalil after full consultation and evaluation of your particular eye condition. Dr Khalil will examine your eyes thoroughly, and give you the most suitable advice for your particular eye condition and particular lifestyle needs.

after-lasik-dr-khalil Laser Vision Correction

LASIK is a laser eye surgery intended to reduce a person's dependency on his glasses or contact lenses

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phakic lens implantation in Dr Khalil Eye Clinic Cairo Egypt Lens Implantation, the ICL

 implanting a second lens without removing the naturally occurring lens to correct refractive errors:

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refractive lens exchange in Dr Khalil Eye Clinic, Cairo, Egypt Refractive Lens Exchange

exchanging the naturally occurring lens by an artificil lens with the appropriate power to reduce or nullify dependence on glassest:

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